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in brazil's province pernambuco is the city recife situated, its capital and main harbour, which has around 1.6 mio residents. it was founded in 1537 by portugese settlers.

Recife map

the city is located right at the atlantic ocean, and its countless skyscrapers are placed near the beach.




quite few historic buildings have survived, and churches as well, now surrounded by very many skyscrapers. yet local markets are still alive (see above).

for a short period a dutch colony, called "new holland", existed in pernambuco (1630-1654), centered in recife.



Old town with church

Aerial view church

the old-fashioned inner-city life, including the traditional carneval, is also a popular motive for local painters

Recife lantern

however - - the crucial art features are all the configurations by brazil's most known artist, francisco brennand. for him two separate gallieries have been prepared - see these.

Brennand ocean parade

outside the city is a special art park where all sorts of sculptures are presented, as well as paintings and cartoons.

Art park

Fountain Sculptures

Big woman horse

Art Art Art

Painting beach

to end this brief essay - while recife appears to be just a thriving business place, it actually offers quite a few traditional facilities as well, and of course art art art...

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