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japan, consisting of many islands, is located in eastern asia, east of korea. its population is 126 mio. since 1868 tokyo is the capital city, replacing kyoto.
settled for thousands of years, in 660 b.c. a kingdom was established (as legends say). for about 1000 years, japan was an inward-focused country, and connections to other countries were thin. yet from 1844 onwards, foreign ships, commerce ones and military ones, visited japan, and were finally accepted, and this broke the seclusion policy.

Japan foreign ships

japan soon became more powerful, and then started wars with asian neighbours. in 1941 it entered ww-2, occupied several countries, yet after 4 years lost the war, was nuclear bombed, and thereby very heavily damaged. it afterwards finally became a democracy, and the focus is now its modernized industry.

i have visited japan once, in 1969, focused on kyoto. yet also gone to: himeji, nikko, osaka, sendai, tokyo.
by the way, i decided not to visit hiroshima and nagasaki, two cities which were in 1945 completely destroyed by the usa, using nuclear bombs.

in 1969 all my photography was done to create printed pictures for voyage albums. of those, just a few got scanned for digital pic's. these are presented in the following galleries, plus general images of those locations.

Kyoto temple gate


because of my very restricted material: no galleries, just a mini-outlook, with selected pictures of well-known places.


this is japan's most-known and most impressive historical castle, often named "the white heron castle", mainly built in the 14th and 16th century, now a highly visited museum.

Himeji castle


this city, established in the 8th century, was at first named heian. it was japan's capital for a long time, 794 to 1868. kyoto is crowded with temples, many of which are highly decorated. it is also a center of music and theatre.

Kyoto Pagoda temple

Kyoto Kabuki Theatre

Classical Theatre Painting


located on the west coast, niigata always was and still is a main harbour.

Niigata port

Niigata old customs building


founded in the 8th century, nikko has many mighty temples.

Nikko temple


this is the second-largest city in japan. it's very much a business place but also has a high-ranked university.

Osaka university

Osaka university


here are many sightseeing places, like the historical castle - yet most special are mini-islands at the cost, often linked with pedestrian bridges to the mainland.



Tokyo icon

japan's capital tokyo, formerly named edu, established in the 12th century, is a very large city, 13 mio residents. the "greater tokyo area" is, with 37 mio residents, the most populous metropolitan area in the world.
in terms of sightseeing, tokyo offers countless facilities. plus, it's a prime shopping center for millions & millions of people!

Tokyo shopping street


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