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laos is located in asia, east of thailand and west of vietnam, landlocked. its population is 7 mio, and the capital city is vientiane.

as the surrounding countries, laos was settled for ages. yet only in 1353 a kingdom came up, the lan xang, which became large and existed until the 18th century. from 1778 to 1893 it was occupied by siam (thailand), then from 1893 to 1953 a french protectorate, until it got independence. 1975 the monarchy was abolished. laos is a socialist one-party country.

i have visited laos in 1998, for vientiane and luang prabang.

at that time all my photography was done to create voyage reports with slides (diapositives). none of those got scanned for digital pic's. in the following gallery just a few general images of those locations are presented.


because of my very restricted material: no galleries, just a mini-outlook, with selected pictures of my two visited cities.


this city, located at the huge mekong river, is laos' capital since 1563. it has many temples, as well as the "buddha park".

Vientiane main temple

Luang Prabang Temple


in this very traditional city many temples can be seen. there are also quite a few monk facilities in luang prabang.

Luang Prabang Temple

Luang Prabang Unusual Religious building

Laos monks

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