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the country of norway, a kingdom (still) is located in northern europe, west of sweden. it is stretching far north to europe's north cape, and includes the svalbard islands towards the north pole. population: 5.4 mio, capital: oslo.
history, briefly:
:: kingdom established in 872, valid ever since.
:: from 8th to 10th century: prime time of norwegian vikings.
:: discovered iceland, settled in greenland, detected america ("vinland", in today's canada).
:: 1537 to 1814: norway was a part of the kingdom of denmark–norway.
:: 1814: lost old norwegian provinces of iceland, greenland, and faroe islands to denmark
:: 1814 to 1905: personal union with the kingdom of sweden.
:: 1905: fully independent again.
:: 1911: roald amundsen and his team first at south pole.
:: 1940 to 1945: occupied by germany.

i gave norway many visits - first one: 1967, most recent one: 2019.

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