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the current state of palestine was created after many years of peace negotiations in 1993, consisting of the "westbank" area and the "gaza strip". it is accepted by most yet not by all countries. palestine claims east jerusalem, but its defacto capital is ramallah. governing is the palestinian national authority. israel controls the westbank completely, and palestine's entitlements are very restricted. the westbank part and the gaza strip part do not accept each other.
the negotiations between palestine and israel about the final structure of the state palestine are currently (2020) stuck, and the situation appears hopeless.
the westbank area contains towns linked to the history of christianity, such as bethlehem, and jericho is supposedly the oldest city in the world. (founded 9000 b.c.).

Palestine map

my visits to places in palestine occurred in 1978 and 1986, i.e., before the state of palestine existed. the photos taken were diapositive slides, and only few got converted into digital images.

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