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south korea is located in eastern asia, south of north korea and west of japan. its population is 52 mio, and the capital city is seoul.
settled for ages, its first kingdom was founded in the 7th century b.c. korea was always independent - until 1910 when japan captured it. after ww-2, a soviet-ruled and a usa-ruled region were established. in 1950 the korean war began, resulting in the korea split ensured.
south korea became a democracy, and soon developed a powerful industry.

by the way - - the split korea - strongly communist north korea and mildly capitalist south korea - reminded me of two other long-divided countries, germany where capitalist west-germany eventually unified with communist east germany, and vietnam where communist north vietnam after a heavy war beat capitalist south vietnam. the two koreas may never amalgamate.....

i have visited south korea once, in 1969, focussed on seoul, and also gone to suwon.

in 1969 all my photography was done to create printed pictures for voyage albums. of those, just a few got scanned for digital pic's. these are presented in the following gallery, plus general images of those locations.


because of my very restricted material: no galleries, just a mini-outlook, with selected pictures of my two visited cities.


this very large city, 9 mio residents, was founded 2000 years ago. any kind of traditional and hyper-modern facilities can be visited there, as well as any kind of eating places.






this city, located 30 km south of seoul, has a long history. it is the only still completely walled city in south korea. a brief attempt, in 1792, to make suwon korea's capital failed. the then created enormeous hwaseong castle is well maintained.

Suwon historic castle

Suwon historic castle

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