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BIRDS  --  ALBATROSSES  (preview)

in antarctica and the sub-antarctic islands, such as south georgia island or macquarie island or campbell island, there are about 50 kinds of seabirds residing. these include petrels, shearwaters, shags, skuas, terns, and the most famous ones, albatrosses.

here is a preview of albatross photos. these birds are flying extremely well, it is just stunning how they cruise in the air - mostly soaring, without flapping their wings. there are several species; most have white feathers, yet some types are grey or black. albatrosses are colonial, nesting on remote oceanic islands, especially for breeding. the great albatross is the largest bird on earth, with an enormous wing span, up to 340 cm.  

by the way, penguins are also birds - they are shown in a separate gallery.



rohrmann-AAA-Albatross-1-MacquarieIsland rohrmann-AAA-Albatross-7-MacquarieIsland--332