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Santiago silhoutette sketch

chile's capital santiago is by far its largest city and has 5.2 mio residents. because of this and its wealth, it is crowded with mighty architecture. a crucial building is the cathedral.

Cathedral facade Cathedral inside

Santiago view city hill

the "cerro santa lucia" (see map below) is the city's only hill, covered with pretentious constructions.

Santiago city map

beside santiago's many governmental buildings, banks are impressive - even their entrances.

Santiago city bank

City bank entrance City bank entrance

Museo Bellas Arte

santiago has quite a few pieces of modern architecture, yet also pleasant areas of earlier times.

Office building modern architecture Wall painting in suburb

Historic building

Suburb brown house Suburb yellow house

Suburb lilac house Suburb green house

here are a brown, a yellow, a pink and a green residence, reminding of the city's history.

Memorial for Xys

City news paper kisk

Suburb lilac house Espresso

the many memorials are not my thing... at the cute newspaper kiosk i was lost, because i don't speak spanish ... so icecream and an espesso, both of top quality, were what i then enjoyed!

Endline design with camera