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yes I did see a lot of different people in santiago - quite often formally dressed with suit and tie.

Santiago people Santiago people

this one here, very white - no, it is not a statue, it's an artist lady!

White performer lady

my (slightly absurd) experience: after visiting the mighty cathedral, i went to a nearby bookstore, and this very friendly lady spoke english and helped me to buy a santiago volume. then i felt to need a coffee, went into a cafe a few meters away - and tried not be shocked when there the waitress came! but believe it or not, it was a cafe, and i got my cafe, a good one!

Woman bookstore Cafe & legs woman

music is a big thing in chile, and it was easy to find a saloon with good life musians.

Musician in jazz venue

in santiago one will also see indigenous people, for example on the big market on the plaza de armas beside the cathedral.

Traditional men Traditional women

finally - - it was in my hotels breakfast cafe where i saw this exceptionally beautiful lady - i couldn't believe my eyes when she served me coffee - yes, truly stunning, very proficient, and so friendly to me this strange foreigner too!

Woman cafe & legs

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