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inside of cochins coast with the indian ocean are many rivers and lakes which are labelled backwater. in several areas are bird sanctuaries set up.

Backwater and lake area map

and there one can rent all sorts of boats, including the traditional "kettuvalam", house boats - which actually are like a house on a boat, in any style, from plain to pompous. small and moderate ones (my inclination) are rare though. all have accommodation and some kitchen.

Bird sanctuary house and people

Traditional living boat

for photographing, especially flowers, one needs to go outside, even to sit in the boat's bow.

Houseboat end area Bird sanctuary view from boat

and then, when beginning the excursion, you see birds & birds & birds - sometimes they were large ones, like cranes or egrets or herons.

Bird sanctuary - lots of birds

Bird in shrubs

in the same backwater areas were also astonishing flowers, white and pink and red ones, and the leaves were swimming - my camera got almost nervous, so beautiful they were!

Floating flowers Floating flowers

Flowers and birds

Pink flowers

in bird sanctuary regions poles have set up, and birds obviously like to sit of them - here are three.

Bird on pole Bird on pole

Bird on pole

house boats come in all sizes, and often are the permanent home of local families, like this one here.

Traditional livingboat

Endline design with camera