tahiti & moorea
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these two islands are located near to each other, and between their main cities, papeete and afareaitu, are frequent connections with ferries and airplanes.

Tahiti map

tahiti and moorea were settled about thousand years ago by polynesians. they came with canoes from south asia. even nowadays canoes are still very common.


since the society islands became french papeete grew fast to a large and quite westernized city.

Papete city

several christian churches were assembled, yet the most prominent building is the lighthouse at the northern end of tahiti.

Papete church Papete church


the landscape of the islands has two features - very dense vegetation, especially palm trees, and high mountains.

Tahiti mountains

Tahiti mountain

Tahiti palm trees


many shrubs and trees have very colourful blossoms.


Tahiti nature Tahiti nature


regarding the early polynesian history, only few art pieces have survived and are now protected.

Tahiti art

yet in modern times two illustrious painters from france stayed in tahiti - paul gauguin lived there (1890-1893, 1895-1900) and three decades later henri matisse visited (1930).

Painting of woman holding fruit

Henri Matisse painting

the art of tahiti can be seen in many street paintings, and even tattoos followed.

Tahiti current art

in tahiti and more so in moorea are many accommodations for tourists created in traditional style.

Tahiti house Tahiti house

Henri Matisse painting

Papete central market

after getting all the needed groceries in the huge market hall of papeete, countless bistros offer their service in street eateries - to go there is social standard.

Papete street food

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