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the main town in spitsbergen is longyearbyen, its center - originally a mining place. the only other flourishing town is ny alesund, in the north-west of the island.

linked to earlier centuries, quite a few abandoned historic dwellings can be found inland.

Svalbard Houses in Longyearbyen

Sculpture of miner

Old wooden hut Historic stone hut

Wrecked hut

there are countless animals in all svalbard islands, in the sea, in the air, and on land - especially the thousands of polar bears on spitsbergen. they are protected yet dangerous. also common are rendeirs (mostly wild ones) and foxes.

Raindeer running away



Polarbear in ice sea

at the coast of all svalbard island, colonies of walrusses, who are very social animals, can be found. they are hunting in the sea, and very lazy when not hungry.

Walrus colony Walrus

Polarbear in ice sea

Walrus on iceberg

anywhere in svalbard there are birds birds birds - - on land and even more so countless sea birds.

Birds on land

Two flying birds Birds

in northern spitsbergen is a configuration of high vertical rocks right in the ocean. these rocks are seen as safe nesting places by huge numbers of birds.

Vertical rocks

Vertical rocks

Vertical rocks

Vertical rocks and birds Vertical rocks and birds Two birds

amusingly, some birds also rest on little icebergs - - may be they are at times just a bit languid?

Iceberg with two birds

at the end of the segment about birds -- the by far cutest sea birds - yet actually hard to see in autumn - are the puffins.


finally, regarding the (in)famous polar bears - given how hazardous they can be, all visitor guides are obliged to carry a rifle when outside town!

Polarbear warning sign Birds

Endline design with camera