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the sailship "noorderlicht" is over 100 years old. it was originally a german fire ship (that is, a ship working as a lighthouse) and positioned in the baltic sea. after it was discarded and about to get scrapped, two dutch captains bought it, and got it re-built as a passenger ship for small groups (up to 10 people). it also has a small engine, used if sailing is not feasible. the noorderlicht mainly operates in northern europe, including greenland. passengers live on the ship for one or two weeks.

Noorderlicht anchored

Noorderlicht central mast with lookout

Ship masts View sails

regarding spitsbergen - as there are almost no piers available, a dinghy is used for excursions and landings.

Ship and dinghy with people

Entering the dinghy after land excursion Climbing from dinghy to ship

Noorderlicht at night

the final picture: looking at the noorderlicht at night (actually: polar night).

at the aug-2018 voyage, unfortunately about 100 of my photograhies got lost! so, for some of the topics presented here i had to pinch a few pic's from the internet!

Endline design with camera